Spring break… to some its a time to go to backpacking around Europe, have fun at the beach, go to Puerto Rico and for some like  my friend Rhea who lives in the Caribbean and her backyard is the beach its a time to go home and relax and sleep till 1pm. Sleeping till 1 in the afternoon is a problem don’t you think? I’ve never done it. I don’t think I’ve ever slept past 11am. Its not something I grew up with. Even now on the weekends I get up at 5 to pray and then either go back to sleep or sometimes go running and on other miserable days stay up to do hw, and if I do decide to go back to sleep I’m up by 9.

Anyhow, this post is about break. So, while most people have tons of fun for me break is a relief and time to catch up with all the hw and try to get ahead with studying a writing papers. I must say, I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted but I’m so grateful that I got to do some things that I planned to do during break. There are still 3 days left so not all is lost. I’m kinda behind schedule but I will try to stay up late tonight and and finish what I can. I was being too optimistic to think that I could finish two moths of work in a week. I mean I did need the time to go to bed 10 so I wouldn’t die, and I’m still sore from the running.

We all just had fruit smoothies and am totally bloated so I will leave now and sit in the basement without my computer so I can actually get some work done.



12.5 miles.

March 14, 2011

I went running today to the masjid which according to map quest is 6 miles from my house. I can’t believe I did it. I went last night at night but had to turn around half way because it was getting dark. I went this morning at 11:30. I went with my brother and we read zuhr prayer there. On the way we saw a lot of crazy things. As you can see when you click the tumblr link below even though i missed a lunch date in the process. I cam home and got ready as quickly as possible and wore make up and everything only to find that the girl ( who I’ve never met and don’t even  know her name was gone). She’s the daughter of a family friend and I had to entertain her. I though I would make a new friend but InshAllah next time. P.s. I met M this Friday and we had frozen yogurt which was so expensive but we tried to catch up on the last year of our lives in 2 hours. I also helped her get grocery for the dinner she was going to make that night for her parents. It was soup and turned out great. They loved it.

Again you can see pictures here: ( click below, hopefully that should work)


I wrote this two weeks ago. Hopefully, its still exciting.



I was running down the metro stairs and racing the guy next to me. I could hear the train as I flashed my smart trip metro card. As I ran across the gate I could see a balance of $245 on the card. “Yes!” I said to myself, “ I least I get metro money.” The guy and I were right beside each other now and the train was staring there.

“ Stand back, the door are about to close” said the operator. I sprinted inside. And when I sat down in the seat I gave a big smile to the guy sitting across form me who came from God knows where… and then the train started moving.

The guy across from me was reading a book for which I couldn’t see the title. He got off on the next stop. And then I realized that I was sitting at the end of the train and the only one at this end. I decided to move where there were some more people. I moved a few seats just to see and when I looked around I saw him. Him the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. He kept looking around and then would lean his head against the pole. He had curly blonde hair and the perfect roman nose and the mysterious eyes that appeal to everyone. Although I can’t quite remember what color his eyes were, I wasn’t close enough. We get to the Tenleytown metro stop and an old man walks in BLOCKING MY VIEW. I tilted my head sideways and to look at him and although it hurt my neck it worked. Then the old man shifted his position and crossed his legs…. Perfect. I could see him! Then on the next stop these crazy high schoolers came in and started making so much noise. He kept staring at them and following them with his eyes. I was too. Unlike the other people around I think we both weren’t annoyed with them just perplexed and curious. I loved his “curious” look if it was that. Then we got to Woodly Park, and the train manager goes, “ We’ll be holding here until further notice.” It turned out to be 45 mins but I was not complaining. He kept looking around and I kept staring. I think it was obvious that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Our eyes even met for a brief 0.7 seconds. Then he stood up and I noticed a white scarf ( kafiyyah but with brown lines on it ) wrapped around his next in a triangle like arab boys tie it. AND he was holding a guitar. Beautiful and artistic!

He ended up getting off at Dupont circle. The chances of me seeing him again are zero.

Dear beautiful man, your face pops up in my mind every now and then. Is this weird? I’m not going to stalk you. It was destiny for me to get on that train and I missed by a few second. I was meant to see you. And I hope to see you again. It’s a secret wish that the internet now knows.

I told my Arabic class about you. And thought about you when I said “ beautiful boys make me shy in Arabic. Ragool gameeloon tagalee ashar bilhagal.”

(if the sentence structure is wrong please excuse me). Metro guy, I hope I see you again but next time I sit close enough to see you and there isn’t an old man in our way. Even if we didn’t talk you seem perfect, if only you were muslim.


P.S. I went running on Sunday for two hours. There were so many things/places in my town that I didn’t know. Like the fact that there’s a blacksmith in the area. I took pictures. You can see them on tumblr : www.uncloudedillusions.tunblr.com

This Saturday I’m going to run for 6 miles from my house to the masjid at 4 in the morning and read Fajr  (prayer before sunrise) there. InshAllah ( God Willing). If I write another post you’ll know I survived.


So yesterday I can’t remember what I was fighting with my brother about  but I just couldn’t take it anymore since he had been making me upset the whole day. I think I told him to pick something up and he said that he would do it later, which I hate hearing from people. Its like, ” if you’re going to pick it up later might as well pick it up now and we’ll both be happy.” Then i just stood there for 3 second and screamed, ” Either I’m going to fight with you or smack you until you pick this up.”  I think I can usually control myself but then when my OCD kicks in I just can’t control myself and can’t help being bossy and mean.

Yeah I know its pathetic  and it does not show patience at all. I definitely need to work on this. I felt like such an idiot after wards. I was already mad at him for wearing shoes inside the house. I hate that about people. Its like, ” HELLO! We pray in this house… you don’t need to bring dirt from outside…” Wearing shoes inside the house and upside down shoes are my greatest pet peeves. Again not being very nice. I like it when I stop talking to people completely, it makes the atmosphere much more peaceful, even though its awkward and you really want to talk to them but at least it avoids conflicts and fighting. Like, for example me not talking to my mom for the past week now. If there was an equation for this silent treatment it would be something like this:

My silent treatment on her + Mom’s silent treatment on me = Less anxiety for me + more productive me +  happier Mom + Happier house + Satisfied pets

But the silent treatment with her is a whole other story. Trust me…. I could write a novel on it.


tumblr page

February 18, 2011

Check out my new tumblr page. Since I don’t put a lot of pictures on this blog this will make up for that.

P.S. Remember when Michelle Obama first started her twitter account and she said, ” I just twittered,” and someone from the White House corrected her to say, ” I just tweeted.”

So, is it ” i tumblr” or ” I tumble”???


I’m finally back!

February 5, 2011

OK so it took a month for the computer problem to get fixed…. but I got a new computer so i guess patience is a virtue. I had the store warranty and they said that the model of my computer had expired so I could come pick out a new computer and pay the difference and so i finally got a mac. i was also leaning towards a sony because that was my last computer and there was nothing wrong with it internally but then I thought that I might have to get another computer in a few years anyways so who not just pay a difference of 400 instead of paying $300 now and then getting a mac for $1200. Did I make the right choice? I think so.

The school semester has also started, its going to be in its 5th week next week. Time flies so quickly. I’ve already has two exams, please pray for me. I really could use some extra prayers.

I’ve also been watching the recent events in the Middle East and even though I try to keep my political view away from this blog, I think the current events need some attention. Till then, I will go check the weather, because someone said it was going to snow over the weekend…. which could mean a 2 hr delay. yay!

So nervous

January 9, 2011

I think the last time I was this nervous about going back to school was 9th grade when I had to attend a new high school where I didn’t know anyone. I don’t even know why my stomach is hurting so much and why I think I’m going to have a nervous break down. Its not like I was living like a hermit all of break and now Monday will be the first day I see light. And I thought I was done with the internship project but I have one more thing to do. crap me.

On another note, the economy is really scaring me. I know I’m such a news addict but I would hardly read the business/economic section of newspapers but now, I think I really need to. Mostly because I’m starting to apply for internships and I really need one that pays. I will see if my current internship will give me money this summer but if the boss says no, then I will have to find something else. I actually like research; I didn’t think I would but its so much more interesting. I’ve applied to a bunch of places and now the idea of doing office work is so boring. I’ve applied to this one place as a translator job but I don’t think they’re looking for students. sucks I know.

Someone pray for me. I feel so disoriented and lost, and there is still loads to get done.