I thought she almost died.

June 24, 2011

I know I don’t talk much about my family unless I have to complain about about one of them and then I just go off on rant but today I thought I might talk about my youngest sister. She’s 12 years younger than me and since she is the youngest she’s also very spoiled, next to my only brother whose one of 6 children. Let’s call her S. She’s very special in our house as is every youngest child in every family. She had down syndrome which makes here even more special but in our house we never treat her like she’s behind other kids or “special” in the derogatory sense. PErsonally, I treat her like a normal 10 year old her age because I believe that if we, her family give her this strange ” special” treatment then outsiders will also treat her differently and she will feel terrible when she gets older and will not have very successful social interactions. And she’s really not that different from other kids her age. She’s 10 year old but mentally she’s 6. She wears glasses and nothing more is different about her. And she is the most loving and caring people I’ve ever seen. I’m not saying this because I’m her sister, I really mean it, in some cases she’s more mature than normal 10 year olds. You’ll see why I say this. To begin with, she started going to school when she was 2. And then the teachers said that we should stick with one language at home and school so she doesn’t become confused and kids like her don’t do well with 2 languages. In my house you’ll always hear 3 different languages being spoken. Let me explain: I speak 3 languages fluently. With my mom and dad I speak Punjabi, and sometimes urdu with my mom, BUT never with my dad because his urdu is terrible. Then there’s always urdu news running in the background on the tv 24 hours in my house because we all feel like we have to know every single thing that’s happening in the world. Then comes my sister younger than me, she speaks broken punjabi so after sometime into the conversation she gives up and speaks in English to everyone. Then my other sister after her never learned punjabi and so she can only do urdu and english. She does urdu with my parents and english with her sibs. Then the other sister whose lived in Germany for 1/3 of her life also does only urdu with parents and english with siblings. Then my brother who has a similar case as the two above. Also, they all kinda sorta understand punjabi when you speak it very slowly but can’t read/write urdu. Then comes S, she can understand punjabi but with my mom she will respond in urdu and with everyone else including my dad will do english. Its surprising how she quickly switches between the two. She also has an imaginary friend which I’m beginning to think is a Jinn-ghost because apparently it translates for her and it floats in a chiar, but that story can be told at another time. So she does these two languages and she also goes to Quran class where she will sit and mostly play with other kids and sometimes decides to read the Quran. It took a year to get the arabic alphabet down. I started helping her memorize the small surah- passages in the Quran and she got the first 3 lies of Surah Nas. And when something happens she’ll use arabic words, like when she sneezes, or sees something shocking on tv she’ll hold her ears and say Astagfirullah- I seek forgiveness from Allah. I think she saw that on tv one day and learn from there or saw my mom, or maybe her ghost friend told her. The thing I love the most about her is that she absolutely loves to clean. After every meal, no one tells her to do this and she’ll grab a broom and start cleaning the kitchen floor. Its so funny because we tell her to stop and she will tell my mom that we’re bothering her and she’ll say, ” I have to broom because K. didn’t clean the floor correctly!”
Anyhow, the reason I thought that the other day was almost going to be her last. Friday morning I woke her up to get her ready for school and as she was changing her clothes she almost fell on me. I thought that maybe she was still sleeping. Then I talked to her and she just said, ” my stomach hurts” and her legs started trembling and she fell to the ground. I didn’t know what to do, I was so scared and she had fainted. I called out to everyone for help and one of my sisters came to us. We both picked S up and put her on the bed. I knew a little about what to do in this kind of situation but its easier to see it on tv and think that when the situation arises you’ll handle it perfectly. Well, I knew that I should keep talking to her and I thought that maybe giving her some water would help, although most doctors or first aid classes say not to give the person water. Thank God my parents keep random medical supplies in the house. We have a stethoscope and blood pressure cuffs lying around the house and we think her blood pressure might have been low. So anyways, she woke up after a few minutes and the only thing this poor girl could say was that she was going to be late for school and didn’t want to miss the movie and class party. Ah, the small things right. We all told her to stay at home so we could take her to the doctor but she just started crying at the thought of missing school. But Alhumdillah- thank God, she’s was ok that day. I was so scared.


2 Responses to “I thought she almost died.”

  1. alhamdulilah, she is safe now,. lil sisters are very special to our hearts. i miss mine.

  2. I know I’m a bit late with this comment, but alhamdu li Allah she’s fine! Family is precious, and the mere thought that anything would happen to any of them fills me with terror. May Allah keep all our beloveds away from harm’s way.

    (Your sister sounds too cute, mash Allah!)

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