You know its two weeks into summer when you miss doing homework

May 15, 2011

I hate sitting at home feeling worthless. With no homework to do and nothing to keep me busy I feel like a completely useless person…. this is why some politicians hate the concept of socialism in American…. people like me would be totally spoiled. But don’t worry, all hope is not lost, summer just started so I do have some plans and several things on my to do list. For one, I would like to ear money this summer. I’ve applied to a few places and even heard back from two great positions. I won’t say which ones. If I do…. I may just have to kill you. hehe. But I also want to help around my current internship.

Then I had started reading this book The Adventure of Amir Hamza before finals and I wanted to study for finals so now I have all the free time to read it. Then I’ve started reading several books in urdu. Some are easy reads but some are so complicated that I find myself underlining every fifth word of it. And trust me my urdu is not elementary, its quite advanced, but some of these books are killing me. There’s one in particular about science and Islam. On one page the only words I didn’t find myself underlining WERE THE ONES IN ENGLISH! I know…. kill me.

And of course I’m continuing my class on manners in Islam. I’m seriously considering writing a story this summer. Each summer I start writing one but they never finish. Writing an autobiography is so much easier…. but my life is not that interesting. trust me.

Another great thing about summer is watching tv. All the favorite summer shows are coming back like White Collar and Covert Affairs, and Psych. And new urdu dramas are coming out too, and some plays. One of my most favorite ones called, ” Mein Abdul Qadir hoon” is almost ending, it was so good. Its a coming of age drama where this guy goes through three phases of his life. If you understand urdu you should def. watch it.


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