As the saying goes….

April 21, 2011

So there’s a saying in urdu we say to people when they say something stupid and it goes something like this, ” where were you when Allah- God was distributing brains to everyone…. grazing….”

I may not sound right in urdu but anyways, I think I was out grazing when God was giving social filters to everyone. There are so many reasons I say this but here’s what happened  today:

I was so tired because I only got one hour of sleep and so i got to arabic and the teacher was like, ” H, today i’m afraid of you. you look like you’re going to kill me.” And then we starte talking about how yesterday one of the girls in the class- Katie got smacked in the head with a homeless man and I decided to tell everyone what I would have done…. which of course was hit him, but then idk how this came out, but I was like, ” this is why sometimes you need to have a weapon on you.” which I don’t even agree with so I don’t know how this comment came out. I swear sometimes I think there’s someone else living inside my head.
There’s a  kid adam who couldn’t get this thing right for the grammer and she goes like, ”  I just want to jump off the building.”
and without even thinking about what i was say and why i was talking I go like, ” why are you going to jump, thrown him.” and she laughed and goes like, ” you and I should hang out more.”
but the class was quiet for like 2 mins.
kill me so I can save the little face I have.

One Response to “As the saying goes….”

  1. Alisha Says:

    LOL @ ‘this is why sometimes you need to have a weapon on you.’ Don’t fret over it…we all have our days where we blurt out stuff without thinking.

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