I think she hates me in the good kinda way, but she still makes me cry.

March 30, 2011

Today in arabic we had to read a passage and then answer some questions and there was a word I came across and the teacher was walking around and I asked what it meant and she gave me such a bad look.

teacher: ” I can’t believe you just asked that.”

me: ” what? why? I really don’t know what it means?”

teacher: ” Class! You know what really annoys me about H (me)?”

Class: ” Are you gonna make H cry? do it!”

Teacher:  “She was so smart in arabic 2, she knew more back then than what she knows now, I don’t know what this other class did to her.”

me: ” We were too spoiled in the other class.”

Teacher: ” Class, you know what’s worse? It looks like she doesn’t even care about this class and is laughing on top of it. H, do you really care?”

me: ” yeah I do. But this semester i”m taking other hard classes so I will care more next semester.”

Teacher: ” you will care for another teacher but not me.”

Me: ” well, why don’t you just teach the class I’m taking next semester and then you will see how much I care.”

Internet, this calls for some serious brownie points! I need to have a really good presentation for tomorrow and for the final.


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