This was the last break till Summer.

March 18, 2011

Spring break… to some its a time to go to backpacking around Europe, have fun at the beach, go to Puerto Rico and for some like  my friend Rhea who lives in the Caribbean and her backyard is the beach its a time to go home and relax and sleep till 1pm. Sleeping till 1 in the afternoon is a problem don’t you think? I’ve never done it. I don’t think I’ve ever slept past 11am. Its not something I grew up with. Even now on the weekends I get up at 5 to pray and then either go back to sleep or sometimes go running and on other miserable days stay up to do hw, and if I do decide to go back to sleep I’m up by 9.

Anyhow, this post is about break. So, while most people have tons of fun for me break is a relief and time to catch up with all the hw and try to get ahead with studying a writing papers. I must say, I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted but I’m so grateful that I got to do some things that I planned to do during break. There are still 3 days left so not all is lost. I’m kinda behind schedule but I will try to stay up late tonight and and finish what I can. I was being too optimistic to think that I could finish two moths of work in a week. I mean I did need the time to go to bed 10 so I wouldn’t die, and I’m still sore from the running.

We all just had fruit smoothies and am totally bloated so I will leave now and sit in the basement without my computer so I can actually get some work done.



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