Just imagine how pathetic I sounded saying this.

February 20, 2011

So yesterday I can’t remember what I was fighting with my brother about  but I just couldn’t take it anymore since he had been making me upset the whole day. I think I told him to pick something up and he said that he would do it later, which I hate hearing from people. Its like, ” if you’re going to pick it up later might as well pick it up now and we’ll both be happy.” Then i just stood there for 3 second and screamed, ” Either I’m going to fight with you or smack you until you pick this up.”  I think I can usually control myself but then when my OCD kicks in I just can’t control myself and can’t help being bossy and mean.

Yeah I know its pathetic  and it does not show patience at all. I definitely need to work on this. I felt like such an idiot after wards. I was already mad at him for wearing shoes inside the house. I hate that about people. Its like, ” HELLO! We pray in this house… you don’t need to bring dirt from outside…” Wearing shoes inside the house and upside down shoes are my greatest pet peeves. Again not being very nice. I like it when I stop talking to people completely, it makes the atmosphere much more peaceful, even though its awkward and you really want to talk to them but at least it avoids conflicts and fighting. Like, for example me not talking to my mom for the past week now. If there was an equation for this silent treatment it would be something like this:

My silent treatment on her + Mom’s silent treatment on me = Less anxiety for me + more productive me +  happier Mom + Happier house + Satisfied pets

But the silent treatment with her is a whole other story. Trust me…. I could write a novel on it.



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