I’m finally back!

February 5, 2011

OK so it took a month for the computer problem to get fixed…. but I got a new computer so i guess patience is a virtue. I had the store warranty and they said that the model of my computer had expired so I could come pick out a new computer and pay the difference and so i finally got a mac. i was also leaning towards a sony because that was my last computer and there was nothing wrong with it internally but then I thought that I might have to get another computer in a few years anyways so who not just pay a difference of 400 instead of paying $300 now and then getting a mac for $1200. Did I make the right choice? I think so.

The school semester has also started, its going to be in its 5th week next week. Time flies so quickly. I’ve already has two exams, please pray for me. I really could use some extra prayers.

I’ve also been watching the recent events in the Middle East and even though I try to keep my political view away from this blog, I think the current events need some attention. Till then, I will go check the weather, because someone said it was going to snow over the weekend…. which could mean a 2 hr delay. yay!


2 Responses to “I’m finally back!”

  1. MoCo Says:


    You commented on my blog a while ago and I haven’t checked it in a long long time. Sorry about the delay.

    No I haven’t started studying Arabic again. I want to but we will see when that will happen.

    BTW do you live in the UK or are you British?

    Peace till next time ~ MoCo

  2. lifeanddramaofhandm Says:

    I live in the US in washington DC.
    If you haven’t started learning arabic, i suggest you just go a middle east country and learn it, because the books have you learn strange grammar that you will never use. Even if you’re learning it to understand and read the Quran properly.

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