So nervous

January 9, 2011

I think the last time I was this nervous about going back to school was 9th grade when I had to attend a new high school where I didn’t know anyone. I don’t even know why my stomach is hurting so much and why I think I’m going to have a nervous break down. Its not like I was living like a hermit all of break and now Monday will be the first day I see light. And I thought I was done with the internship project but I have one more thing to do. crap me.

On another note, the economy is really scaring me. I know I’m such a news addict but I would hardly read the business/economic section of newspapers but now, I think I really need to. Mostly because I’m starting to apply for internships and I really need one that pays. I will see if my current internship will give me money this summer but if the boss says no, then I will have to find something else. I actually like research; I didn’t think I would but its so much more interesting. I’ve applied to a bunch of places and now the idea of doing office work is so boring. I’ve applied to this one place as a translator job but I don’t think they’re looking for students. sucks I know.

Someone pray for me. I feel so disoriented and lost, and there is still loads to get done.


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