In the metro

January 7, 2011

So I was with my sisters and we were waiting for the metro to come. I decided to sit on the bench and wait and this girl was sitting next to us with red hair. I’m sure I will remember her if we ever meet again. So idk how this conversation even started.

me: ” So this guy from the lab went to visit his family for the holidays and his relatives took him to a shooting range where they had dummies/pictures of democrat leader ( from congress and what not) that you could shoot at.”

Sister: ” really, wow. way to take out the anger.”

me: ” yeah. I want to go and bring in my own pictures.”

Girls just looks at me and starts smiling really widely.

me: ” if I shoot a picture of them then its like in my mind they’re dead.”

sister: ” yeah but what’s the point if you see them everyday and know that they’re still there to annoy you.”

me: ” why would you see someone you hate everyday? I would go out of my way to avoid them.”

Then at the same time these two people, a guy and girl were talking to each other about dating.

random guy: ” I think that for you date someone and know if they like you, you have to be yourself.”

I turn to sister.

me: ” yeah how long can be keep up with being a faker. its gonna come out soon.”

sister: ” why are you eavesdropping?”

Girl smiles again.

Sister: ” oh blah blah blah asked if there were a lot of people from Iran at our school.”

Me: ” yeah there are so is prof. blah blah.”

Girls looks at me widely and stares.

I think she laughed at every comment I made. Like when I was talking about the girl I met yesterday who was married at 22, and how I wanted to marry at 25 because that’s when the prophet got married. And then how one of the reasons one should get married is the have someone help you achieve your goals. And then I went on and started talking about marrying royals.

Then we finally got into the metro and she stood next to me smiling and really wanted me to talk to her. I was going to and ask her if she though the guy talking earlier was good looking because he was telling the girl that he came out more stronger than other guys. So I wanted her opinion but I didn’t say anything. If I see her again, I will talk to her.


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