Something I should have learned long ago.

January 6, 2011

After working so hard on the internship project, I’m so glad that its almost done. I’m not going to give details about it just yet because I myself don’t know the results yet. I finished my reliability test…. to see how reliable I was with myself with the same files that I did during the summer and if I could finish them the exact same way again. That’s what I did during break at the internship. There was actually a new person there, a girl from London named Nora who will be here for a year working on a project. She’s super nice. She lived in Dubai for a while and knows a little Arabic. AND…. she told me that she’s friends with a pakistani actress Ayesha Khan whose dramas I watch sometimes. I’m kinda watching one on and off.

Yesterday, Nora’s sister had such a cute baby boy! She was sent a picture and he looks so cute. They [ her sister and the family] haven’t named him yet. They’re Indian Hindu’s and if you know about Indian culture you know that there is a ceremony done to name the child and usually people name the child based on his rashi by looking at things like when the child was born and things like that. I’m not completely knowledgeable about it and Nora briefly explained it to me. I’ve seen it on tv though.

Today, I don’t even know how, but we started talking about religion and I really liked her view on religion. She said that she took it as spiritual and people often spend time worshiping other people [ in hinduism] when really they should be worshiping God and try to be those people if they were good. I think that’s exactly what Islam says, and that’s why there are no such things as clergy and whatnot in Islam, because the whole concept is to only worship GOD and practice the Sunnah of the Prophet( peace be upon him) and try to be good.

Then the conversation moved to being optimistic. She said that my New Year’s resolution should be to be extremely positive. If you know me, then you know that, that is a bit of a challenge. But I really like the way she explained it. She said that she was kinda like me when she was young (or my age) but then as she became more spiritual, she started to change and she has become a completely new person. So here is how she said it, she said to start being nice to other people, because I told her about my tendency to ask people to get up and do something and I expected them to get up that second and do it because that is what I would do. She said to give people more time and always form my sentences in which things that I want to see get done I suggest it to people instead of demanding it and then tell them how much it would help me if they did it.

Second lesson, She said to always think the positive in every situation. She said that if you are meant to get something, then you will and nothing can stop you from getting it. If God wants you to have it, then you will. She said that whenever I’m feeling down or negative, I should just start saying or exaggerating to myself about how good I am and start positive things about myself. Whenever I want to say that I want to kill myself, I should say something positive. She’s so right. Remember when I said that the iman at Jummah ( Friday prayer) said that pessimism is from the devil?

And here is my favorite things of all:

She said that always have a picture in your head of a big mountain in a beautiful and peaceful place where the water is calm and you can hear it, and picture your self at the top of the mountain. I swear, I did and I felt so much better, like, ” Heck yes, I can do anything I want and accomplish whatever I want to.”

Granted I was suppose to get the idea long ago and people that have tried to make me become more positive might have given up long ago, but honestly, I didn’t listen to them because I thought they never got it. But hearing it all from someone who went through the experience and saw such change in herself was a totally different thing. The things she used to say when she was so negative were exactly the same things I say now. I felt that she understood where I was coming from and so I listed to her more. And she didn’t change over night, it took her 6 months to see some change. InshAllah, I will start today and won’t give up. Usually I start out being positive but whenever something bad happens I quickly change back to being pessimistic but this time I’m going to see the good in everything and accept things the way they happen. Think positive and send positive vibes.

And lastly, Its so important to be humble.

Now picture yourself on top of this:


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