New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2010

I’ve realized that I write too much on this blog, when I’m on break. I have no life….. seriously. And then when school comes around I take really long breaks, which I’ve discovered annoys me about other blogs. For example:

Blog A: blah blah blah October 21, 2009.

And I’m just like, ” What the HECK” Dude, I know you still exist because I see you commenting on other blogs, cancel this blog and stop taking up so much internet space. Does that even make sense, ” internet space”???

whatever, so when I went running today, I went with my brother and we were doing laps around this circle with a gazebo and benches in the middle and we see a red car circling around the circle. He freaked out and I was also getting suspicious, I mean there are only so many times you can circle around right? So then we started running around the neighborhood like crazy, to see if the car would follow. At first around the circle it did and then it eventually came to a stop. SO…. then we started walking around the circle and being the idiot I am I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I told my brother to see who was in the car.

First time around:

Brother:  ” I think its a brown guy with a beard…. he’s staring back at me.”

Second time around:

” oh wait, no beard, but he’s on the phone, he might be brown or asian.”

Eventually a woman came and sat in the car and it drove off. He was waiting for someone.

Then after some more running.

Brother: ” There are old ladies walking behind us.”

Me: ” Yeah why are they carrying a shovel. There’s no snow here.”

Brother: ” Because they’re old!” I swear he said that out loud and they clearly heard us and stared at us the whole time until they got in the house.

He’s such an idiot I tell you.

It’s 12:54 AM DEC. 31, 2010, officially the last day of the year, so I thought I should come up with some New Year Resolutions, so here it goes:

1. Study Harder


3. Go Running more often!

4. Do secret things. ehm.

5. Get second Internship

6. Learn new skills at current internship

7. Be less awkward

8. study for mcats and lsats

9. Go on a real vacation this summer unless a) secret things need to done or b) internship won’t let you

10. continue making plans to take over the world

11. actually complete a piece of writing

12. Read Quran more often and finish the tafsir notebook

13. cut back on ocd tendencies

14. learn to be nice and apply what you learn when talking to people you don’t know

15. don’t get a haircut and then donate hair when its really long. ( this one isn’t going to happen since I hate long hair on myself, but I needed a #15, because according the the # system, #14 is better than #13 because its even but #15 is even better). Rubbish…. I know.

I usually don’t make new Year Resolutions. Maybe this time I will try the “if… then” strategy; I read about it in a magazine. Its like, ” If its Monday, then I will go running.”


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