Getting there.

December 30, 2010

slowly getting out of the winter blues. The weather is actually not that bad so maybe that has something to do with it. The internship kept me pretty busy also. Monday I stayed at home and then when I went to the internship on Tuesday, instead of 2 people coming in for testing, there were four. I had to carry urine samples around twice. not once….twice. and place where I turn them in across from the cafeteria. how disgusting. The lady always seems to have a problem with me there, but not anymore. I finally used my brain and decided to write all the subject’s information down so I don’t even have to bother with her. I don’t know how Mary and Meaghan do it. But they seem to complement each other which works great. Meaghan is the calm one, because she has a crazy family and has seen worse. I love her grandmother whom I’ve never met and apparently got lost a few weeks ago and the police found the wrong grandma because her mom had said she was wearing a red sweater and they just picked up this other poor old woman wearing a red sweater. Mary, who taught me the work I had to do when I first started stresses out and panics quickly. I love how she always carries her “magic” notebook with her, which literally has everything ou need to know to be sane in the place written in it. I really like working with them both.

Anyways, so today I came home early, did a small trip to the mall and first I went to check my mom’s car and oh wait….. which reminds me that I didn’t even look at the other car or turn it on. Oh crap, one more thing to do tomorrow. Anyways, had to mix mom’s car but it was really dark and I don’t think there’s a major problem with it, it just needs some water for the wipers. AND THEN…. I finally had time to go running. Did that for a good hour and now even after taking a hot shower I am tired and my feet hurt. I even slept for an hour at the internship and this lady there said hi to me while I was asleep and she walked over and I woke up freaking out. But she just wanted to make sure I was breathing. The metro ride was also horrible. I started falling asleep as my stop got closer and then had to stand the whole way through. And now I must deal with this Migraine. Oh, so this is funny. Yesterday while on the metro, one of my sisters fell asleep when it was our stop and the door opened and I thought she would wake up but didn’t and we had like .15 seconds to get off and I wasn’t sure what to do so I just walked over smacked her, and ran out the door just as it was closing. People just stared at me. This is one of those instances where if I told my friend Sahar, she would say that its people like me that help create stereotypes about Muslims. But seriously, what could I have possibly done at that point? I know you don’t have any better ideas so just leave it at that.


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