So much Rain!

December 1, 2010

I am completely soaked! I had an 8 am class and when I came to school it wasn’t raining and then at 9:15 when I walked out it was like a tornado hit DC. At first I was pleased with the weather; it was cloudy and dark and kinda windy and then all of a sudden it stared pouring! My coat completely soaked as well as everything else. Right now I’m in the library doing hw and trying to dry myself off before the next class. Why didn’t I have an umbrella you wonder?  Well, 1. I don’t usually carry one when its raining because I like rain and 2. I thought I had my small one in my bag and when I came to school I only found the small cover under all my books. I hung my coat to the cubical door to dry and my hijab is on the chair drying. thank God I decided to wear an under cap today. I was walking to the library and so much rain was in my eyes that i was completely blinded. I really though I wasn’t going to make it. Just like I thought I was going to die Monday because of my migraine. And as I was thinking about dying, I thought about the stupidest things to do, which I really don’t remember now but it had something to do with sending an email….or finishing an application. If you were with me then you’d probably smack me. And Monday was when my long time best friend came to visit. In the two hours together we tried to catch up on the past year of our lives. Successful? Yes, since we have boring lives anyways. I wish I had my camera to take a picture of my cubicle right now. It looks like a teenager’s messy room. Not my room! I’ve always been a clean freak. oye, this rain is really getting the best of everyone. I wish lab would be cancelled because of the rain. But things like that never happen, not even in dreams.


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