Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2010

For everyone in the US, a very happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Even if you’re not here in the US i hope you are blessed with all the happiness in the world. We’re not really the typical thanksgiving type at my house. Sometimes we’ll so the typical thanksgiving with the turkey and other times we make our own version of a desi thanksgiving. I think it depends on our mood. If my dad feels like doing the turkey or something exotic then he can go for it. Usually for me, thanksgiving is a time to get my work done and study. I feel so bad for not contacting M since she’s been home since last week and we planned to meet. But i don’t think I can call her today, she might be busy or at her uncle’s house. I really want to finish my work and watch Harry Potter with her this weekend hopefully. This semester has been so bad for us both. I think we’ve only talked to each other 4 times, and 2 out of the 4 times we only called one another so that 1. i could wake her up early for her class since I’m a morning person and 2. so she could keep me up all night. This sounds so pathetic, I know. On Tuesday the guy next to me in the metro started a conversation with me, which usually doesn’t happen since I make a face and don’t look like the type to talk to. I was telling him that Tuesday must have been the longest day in the world because my classes seemed like they would never end. He asked what my plans were for Thanksgiving break and when I told him, I was super glad to have 4 days to clean, do the laundry and finish my homework, he exclaimed that I was a very strange person, something I already knew. I have to go pray now my mother is yelling for me to help her in the kitchen. more serious posts to come.


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