Yes I fell again and am still trying to learn a lesson from all this.

November 14, 2010

” Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.”

Seriously speaking, this quote is the only thing that’s keeping me going.

I can’t remember if I talked about me falling down the stairs the first time, but I fell two weeks ago as I was running down after I realized that my Physics homework was due in an hour. Then this past Sunday, I fell again because I wanted to go down and study for physics in peace. Yes, the story of my life. I totally blame my professor’s teaching skills.

The second fall was pretty bad. I was bruised all over and couldn’t move for the whole day at all and had ice all around me. The first few days in school were also bad. I couldn’t take the stairs and when I did went one step at a time and it took me 20 mins. to get to my first class.

Anyhow, I learned a lot this past week. For one, I know why I fell. It was God’s way of letting me know that my life could be worse off. I kept saying ” I hate life” so much that I just had to get this hit to snap me back to reality. If I think about it, my life could indeed be much worse off. I mean yes, life as a student is hard but seriously, I don’t have to worry about things like when or where I will get my next meal, if I will have clean water, if I will make it home safely. There are so many people around the world that have to think about things like this. But being the idiot I am I couldn’t stop saying the phrase afterwards.

I know I haven’t talked much about the new semester. I’m taking hard classes and my favorites classes are anthropology human rights and ethics and ARABIC! I can’t say I like my anth. professor but I love the topics discussed in class and have always been interested in human rights. If you know me you know that I’m constantly thinking about the other half of the world. I don’t let people waste anything and make them realize that someone in another part of the world doesn’t have it off as easy. I like to be green and no I won’t let you waste electricity or water. I’d rather take the stairs even when my legs are broken and I rarely buy coffee because the cups go to waste.

As for arabic. This semester we have a new professor. He works for the state department and teaches diplomats arabic. He really wants us to love and learn arabic. At first I didn’t like how he would make us talk a lot in arabic but now i’m grateful. He’s not muslim and very interesting. He’s from Egypt but doesn’t consider himself arab, instead he says he’s african and more african than african americans because he actually goes to africa every year. My class is also diverse. There are three of us muslim kids in the class, me S ( my friend) who is from Afghanistan, and a muslim kid from india. There’s two christians who are from Lebanon, one being Armenian, a few jews, catholics and christians. We always start class with some controversial issues and often learn new things from each other. This is real schooling that will actually be useful in life. Oh, and someone suggested that our professor go to some black person on the street and say to them, ” Hey, i’m more black than you..” and then run. (I am in no way trying to be offensive). I’m really going to miss this class, over the past few weeks we’ve become a mini-family. This is where I can complain to everyone about how I have just failed an orgo or physics exam and the professor says that I should study nothing but arabic and things will be fine. And did I mention that the rest of the class makes fun of me? Yes, I am laughed at in the class and have been called ” crazy” and a “chatty Kathy”. But I am not offended. I’m also very fobish in the class. i always speak to S in urdu. she learned some urdu and usually understands me and I am pretty good at reading her mind. One of the kids from leabnon kids understands some urdu which I found later on. I think it was when I said something about the ” gora kid” and him being “pagal” because he liked Fox News, and this Lebanese kid A goes like, ” I know what pagal [crazy] gora [white boy] is and i also know a lot of curse words in urdu and I love Briyani [traditional desi rice” And i just went “oh crap!”

Anyhow, I talked to M after such a long time today and we are both conflicted about the future and miss each other dearly. We have no idea what we will do with our lives and want to go the same school in the future and live very close to each other. But we’re uncertain if that will happen. She’s not very fond of DC and that is the only city I like and want to be in forever. As always, the future is bleak.


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