Happy Birthday ME!

November 3, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m 21 and old.

No I refuse to go out and purchase a drink, you are a fool for asking.

My mom called me yesterday when I was in Arabic class. She kept calling me and I had to turn off the phone. Finally, when I got out of class I called her back to see if it was important. And she being a mom said the sweetest thing ever! She said, ” I didn’t wish you a happy birthday before because I was waiting for the exact time you were born. 6:00pm.” Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever. How does she remember exactly what time ALL SIX of her kids were born? I don’t think I could, unless I wrote it down or something.

Well, I’m not doing anything for it right now. I’ve been bombarded with exams and assignments ( labs, papers etc) and the random thoughts about my future scare me every momement. PLUS, I’m waiting for the 3 BFFs to have their birthdays come. We were all born in November and every year, we meet to hang out, talk about life, have dinner and watch a movie. Its usually lame movies unless its Harry Potter. Last year we watch Twilight and my friend N and I were sitting right up front and by the time the whole thing was over we could barely move our necks and we had middle school girls sitting behind us who screamed whenever a guy in the movie took off his shirt…. or smiled. IT WAS LAME!!!!

I don’t think we were ever like that when we were young.

Ok, back to work, psych exam, orgo quiz, physics exam, orgo exam, orgo lab and the freaking list goes on.

Oh, and I know I don’t have a life, but I promise to write interesting posts.


One Response to “Happy Birthday ME!”

  1. dzuft Says:

    thanks for dropping by my boring blog haha.
    happy belated 21st birthday, hope it was great!
    enjoy your 20s while u can! im turning 30 in a month, nooooooooo! (actually i shud say alhamdulillah for living this long :P)
    take care

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