Bored out of my mind with so much crap to finish.

October 17, 2010

AHHHHHAAAAAA! Whoever said life was hard was so right. I know I haven’t written since I don’t know when but the summer ended and then I went back to school. That’s my only excuse, and life sucks right now!  To being with, here’s my schedule:

1. Anthropology – human rights and ethics ( I have to write a paper on indigenous populations by Monday)

2. Organic Chemistry + Orgo lab

3. Health Psychology

4. Physics —- no comments

5. Arabic: probably my favorite class and in which I find myself laughing the most. You should def. take a field trip to my class. Its such a diverse class with so many different people. Me and my friend ( Sahar, who is also in my physics class and who I am mostly hanging out with this semester) are the “conservative muslims”. We’re not really conservative we just say what’s right and then we have this Shia-Ishmali kid who objects everything we say. Then there’s an armenian kid from leabnon, another leabnese guy who’s christian, an orthodox jewish kid, a reform jewish kid, all the people in between and then there’s our profesor who’s a Coptic Christinan. The first 15 mins of every class are spent discussing religion, politics and now day raves apparently.

Oh, speaking of day raves, not that I don’t embarass myself enough in this class and talk too much I asked if the day rave was really going to happen during the day and then I have no idea what I was thinking and asked if it was going to be in an ” alley” . How sketchy could that have been??? Its ok everyone just laughed and suggested that I never hold parties of my own.

GAH! And today I have so much work to do, 3 exams next week, physics HW, cleaning. What more can I say. Oh, I know Obama came to school the other day. Didn’t see him though, went home when all the streets were closing and Transformers 3 is being filmed in DC but again, didn’t see anything. Oh, and I’m back at the internship and everyone from my class is coming to the internship. How does it feel to go back? Great! Everyone was so nice as always AND I’m making something for next week. My usual NO BAKE CHEESECAKE BARS! And yes, this time I will take a picture so you can drool over them and wish you knew me.


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