It’s Ramadan ( Yes, i know i say this in the middle of the month)

August 26, 2010

Dear Blog,

I’ve been wanting to make a post for a very long time now. Believe me, i have not forgotten you. I can’t really remember all the things i wanted to share, but here are a few things i’m doing during this blessed month.

1. i started ICNA’s east coast quran tafseer sessions online. i started half way but i learned so much! I love all the teachers. If you want my notes, i’ll share! But i started kinda late after my internship so i began the class starting around juz 17.

2. Oh, the internship is over….kinda. the project was over but I want a large N ( sample size) so i have some more brains to look at.

3. Before Ramadan i read two books:

1) the parsifal mosaic, it was boring and i didn’t finish it. i was looking for a modern spy novel and this was anything but modern, plus I like reading about places that I am somewhat familiar with and the character in this book traveled to so many unfamiliar places. And the random Russian word….. uhhhhh.

2) The Fundamental Mosaic: I was surprised to find that it was a short read. So read it one saturday while you’re trying to avoid doing homework, or laundry, whichever one works for you.

4. During Ramadan I made a list of several things I wanted to to which I would like to share so that some readers might get ideas as well:

1) I am in the process of memorizing the meaning of the Salah word by word. If you don’t do anything else, def. do this! It helps you concentrate during Salah a lot!

2) Along with the tafseer class I am also trying to read quran with translation and a lot of it daily.

3) trying to memorize some small duas and re-memorizing surah that I have forgotten

5. From the tafseer sessions i learned a lot of things and one of them was to not treat anything like an addiction, in my case its cleaning. So i’m trying to clean as little as possible.

6. I’ve realized that Ramadan is the best time to bring change and implement a schedule. I’ve made a school year schedule for each day of the week for the rest of the year. IA it will work. And cleaning is only on the schedule for one day for 2 hours. trust me, if you know me well enough, you know this is a big leap forward, almost like an OCD patient who just went through Cognitive behavioral therapy and one day was just learning to not was his hands as much and the next put his hands in poop. yes, its a big deal

7. the other day  the sibs and I had a meeting, discussing problems we had with each other and things we want to see changed in one another. It was my turn to listen to everyone’s grievances.   Basically, I am a downright cut throat mean older sister. Well, you have to understand where i was coming from, I thought that the meaner i was the more they would listen and that tough love was the only thing that work. Boy was i wrong. I found out that the meaner I was the less they would listen. So i’m trying to be nice and trying to get rid of the ” if i say this instant and you don’t get up this very second then i will do something harmful to you” attitude. So far its working. I’m really trying. Ramadan is the best/only time to make good changes.

8. i’m also trying to get ready for the school year. did some studying over the summer ( not a lot) and i think i’m ready. at least I won’t have problems staying up late this year with the italian espresso i’ve discovered.

9. oh, i was selected to be on the board for UNICEF at my school. I have a lot of plans and ideas, that i can’t wait to implement.

10. just because i’m ocd the list needs to be an even number, so….. i learned to bake/make desserts this summer. mostly cheesecake and no bake cheesecake bars. i love foodgawker.

Ok, i think that is all.

you’re allowed to share thoughts/ your Ramadan news.


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