heat wave

July 21, 2010

Dear Homie or Homies,

I’m still alive. Just working and being depressed. The weather is awfully HOT! It was over 105 degrees F last week. UNBEARABLE! Then again I thought to myself, ” H, consider yourself lucky, that you are not living in a small African refugee camp, with such weather with more important things to worry about.”

What? You don’t think that when you’re hot? What’s wrong with you?

I’m the epitome of pessimistic, i know. Like I said, work is keeping me busy. I updated my computer to windows 7, which i thought would make me happy, but it didn’t because all my bookmarked things on the internet have been gone. I started reading yesterday, its a book called ” A morning in Jenin” its a newer version of the book, ” the scar of David” and I really like it. Although its really sad and makes you really want to get out of your seat right now and make a difference in the world or just think about how the world be such a better place if you were president and changed history. either one works.

I also realized .5 seconds ago that I need to get a freaking move on  studying. Need to start right away and make notes. Lit review due next week. GAHHHHH! but at least I finished my images today to analyze. yes i know you have no idea what i’m talking about…. you don’t need to make faces.

OHH! and more importantly, Ramadan is coming so i need to start making schedules to keep myself sane. I promise I will clean less during Ramadan.

And I need to watch white collar, psych and covert affairs this weekend with the siblings.

So much to do and not enough drive. What am i going to do with myself?

right now nothing but i will have a serious post soon.

till then, wear your favorite sunglasses and look pretty.


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