Who ever said summer is fun…. is so wrong.

July 3, 2010

Hello internet world,

4 things:

1) i hate getting up so early and then walking for 10 mins. outside when its 90 degrees outside with a sweater on.

2) summer is not fun! Its just more work, with no tests.

3) i thought I would watch all the world cup games… but i didn’t and I have not updated the score chart on my tv in forever. Should i stop caring? uhhh… yes, after I see the Germnay game!

4) I did not get any writing done or notes for the coming semester. I’m so screwed…..

That just summed up my summer for you. I can’t believe July has already started. I’m already feeling anxious. ONE MORE MONTH TO TAKE NOTES! Yes yes, I’m a dork. But trust me you would have said the same things. I had made so many study plans this semester. I hate myself. I just want to bang my head against the wall for the next 30 days. On another note, i don’t have my computer. The charger died on me the other day and now i have to wait for a new one to come in.

Also, I hate how there’s nothing to watch on tv over the summer. Its the only time I can watch something. White collar will show on the 13th, so i have to wait. Tonight we’re having another one of our ” sibling bonding time via the TV” after a while. But i’m not even sure if there’s going to be tv involved.

NO plans for the 4th. I see DC too many times to be amazed by lights in the sky in the city. Fireworks are not that interesting after 19, after which everything goes downhill. Now, I just want to quickly finish my work and sleep. But brother and sister #6 are still amazed by them so let’s see what they want to do. I haven’t even done any exercise. Too much anger is filled my finger tips. so i’m just gonna go clean and eat because I satisfy my ocd impulses. gahhhhhh!!!!


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