FIFA World Cup day 1

June 11, 2010

South Africa vs. Mexico @ 10:00 am

watching it right now.

world rankings: South Africa: 83 Mexico: 17

fact: this game has the first uzbek person to be referee


Uruguay vs. France

World Rankings: Uruguay 6    France 9

this is gonna be so intense!

fact: there are other things going on in my life….but this is so much more important.

If you want a “world cup Wheel” or schedule just ask me. I have a very nice flow chart i’m using with someone else. we’re  keeping tracking of everything! And this is the only sports related thing I really watch other than tennis matches sometimes.


One Response to “FIFA World Cup day 1”

  1. Hi Humie, thanks for visiting my blog!

    Enjoy the World Cup fever while it lasts lol

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