What is faith? The party last night.

May 29, 2010

Sister # 3 finally decided to have her anti-prom party. It was a long day but ended very well. First we dropped my brother off at school. Then we went to trader Joe’s. Strange incident there. which I have already told M about. Let’s just say that the people there are too nice and will start conversations with you which could take a very long time. Then we came home and started cleaning and cooking and then around 4 the party started. I was so glad M came. Although she didn’t stay very long. We watch 2012, had stir fry and desi kabobs and the girls that came over brought desert. Then we cleaned up and had long conversations which one of the girls suggested should become an tv show and we should call it ” international night” maybe b/c we talked about events from the school’s international night or because we were all so different but met common ground in so many areas. I really liked them all. M and I also talked a lot in the one hour conversation that we had which I cooked and she stood there giving me company. She told my mom that she wanted to learn punjabi and mother promised to teach her. She actually said that her and I don’t talk in urdu at all with each other. It was a revelation. I didn’t really think about that before. I think we should start although it will be strange at first. I told her we should talk like FOBS, she said no. She won.

Anyhow, since I love to clean and need my cleaning tools. The cleaning company Method where I get all my cleaning supplies from sent me a new mop. I had e-mailed them about the one I had bought and it broke and did not work at all. I was so mad at them because the mop cost $35 and it broke. But they were very nice about it. My love for them had just doubled. I’m really glad that they accepted their mistake and replaced it.

I’m going to get back on track with reading. I’m going to start ” Mother of the believers” soon. Here is a quote someone wrote on goodreads from the book:

” What is faith?
It is a memory. Of a time when all was perfect in the world. When there was no fear and no judgment and no death.
It is a memory of a time before we were born, a beacon to guide us back from the end to the beginning, to the memory of where we came from.
It is a memory of a promise made before the earth was firmed, before the stars glittered in the primordial sea.
A promise that says that we will remember what we have learned on this journey so that we may return full circle, the same and yet different.
Older. Wiser. Filled with compassion for others. And for ourselves.
What is faith?
It is the memory of love.”

– from Mother of the Believers


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