Still around

May 28, 2010

ok. I know I haven’t written in a while. quite a while. I’ve actually been busy, even though its summer. I go to the internship everyday. I love it! Everyone is so nice and I’m learning A LOT! And…. Yesterday I saw Bill Clinton! He was 5 feet away riding in his car near the university hospital and then again while he walked out of the hospital. AMAZING! I wish I had walked up to him and asked him if I could shadow him around. That would be amazing!

Anyways back to the internship and life. Well, this was the first week and I am still training. I get a super special notebook while makes me look so efficient. And I finally got my own desk. yay! I love the space, its in the conference room. And today I went to my first branch meeting and learned a lot of cool studies going on with brain mapping and computer science.

On another note, sister #3 is having a party tomorrow. I invited M, naturally. The theme is… well, there is no real theme but I say it should be MULAN since we’re having stir fry. But then we’re also having desi food and jewish bread. Very diverse? yes I agree.


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