I can’t believe I’m writing a post now

April 29, 2010

ok So the hearbeat has been up since monday and is still at a constant but fast rate. Finals are coming soon. my last chem exam was monday and Thank God I did well on it and my arabic interview was this morning and i did fine in it. Although she expected me to talk like a native speaker and i messed up once. oh well, i got a 98/100 on it. She knew i hadn’t studies.

And on top of all this stress….I’m living the village life at home. literally.

We’re getting our kitchen redone, actually every summer my parents come with a thing they want to redo with the house and they do it and make the rest of us help them. One time it ended up being the summer and fall, where father wanted to build a shed. Getting it built my the store personnel would have cost $1,000 and he wanted to save the money so we all built it together in the dry cold winds of the fall.

This year we’re getting the kitchen redone and two days ago he ripped out the sink. We’re really picky about what’s clean and not. And there was no way we were going to wash the dishes in the bathroom. ewewwwwwww. not clean and holy at all. come over and you will know what i’m talking about. we have outside shoes, kitchen only shoes, bathroom slippers. We’re really ocd about what is clean and holy vs. what is not. So yesterday in the cold i was washing dishes in the front yard.

yes the neighbors passed by and have me looks but i couldn’t stop each one of them and explain to them why i was doing what i was. So i didn’t bother. and besides, they all had their dogs with them and i hate animals especially dogs who i don’t even get near because 1. i fear them and 2. if they touch my clothes i can’t pray in them….. so stay away!

ok ok. back to studying now.


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