getting there…

April 15, 2010

This will be short since nothing exciting happens when its super cold at 7am and I wear a jacket and super warm at 9:30….. dislike this weather.

I finally started taping my arabic video. I stayed up till 2am on tueday making the video. Its not even half way done yet. I had to stop when I hear foxes outside and actually saw one running around the street and one trying to hide…or at least I think it was trying to hide. For a second I was scared that maybe the thing hiding wasn’t a fox but our neighbor’s cat Leo, whom I strongly dislike by the way. I like cats and animals but at a distace. One time this one followed my sister home and came inside and was 3 feet away from me… reason # 1 to hate. Even when we had our cat Momo, I never touched it. I just cleaned its liter box. And now with the birds, we’ve had them for over a year now, but I have only touched them once, because Juliet was out of the cage and no one was home to put it back inside. I’m such a wuss, its sad. I have approx. 70,000 fears, which is probably why I don’t think I can be compatable with anyone except maybe M and a few of my other friends. M because she’s also a wuss like me so we always try to avoid my/our fear and my other friends are super brave, so they do the dangerous things.

Anyhow, two more weeks of school and yes I have started studying for finals. For those of you that care like my arabic prof. NO, i have yet to get a job. Whenever I hear back form people and tell them that I will have to take off in July to go to Germany ( amd maybe France) and that I won’t come back in the fall, my chances of being hired drop down to -.78.

I don’t have arabic today so I’m wasting my time looking at food I would like to eat and would have probably made if I was a house wife… which is never going to happen. Even now when I cook at home its like the whole day has been wasted doing absolutely nothing.

Oh funny story from yesterday, Remember the story I told about my mom and the gay couple in trader joe’s? Well, yestesrday my sister was telling me that there’s this gay guy in her school that dresses very nice and looks super sharp compared to the other guys in the school and I was asking her if he was open about being gay and etc. and then I told her that my boss Dr. S is also gay and his boyfriend has a really nice name….

Mom: ” who had a boyfriend…one of your friends?” to my sister and I

Me: ” no my internship boss…”

Mom: ” why are you talking about her boyfriend?”

sister: ” Mom, don’t you remember that her boss is a guy?Β  He has a boyfriend. ”

Mom: ” Why are you guys discussing such things in the kitchen and talking about other people…”

Sister: ” So do you get it mom, guy boss + boyfriend…. Do you get it or should I explain? Do you get it?”

Mom: ” Yes I get it. Goodness, stop using those words in the same sentence….”



One Response to “getting there…”

  1. Aww, you’r mom is so cute πŸ˜€

    And no summer work for me either. No time for any. I’m studying during June, and if that Eyjafjallasomething doesn’t mess things up by burping up some nasty ash clouds, I’ll be flying to Istanbul for a month in July. Insha Allah kheyr. For me this year has been the busiest one so far, and I am desperately in need for a good vacation. I’m also missing the beautiful athaans and mosques – as funny as it sounds, I dream of praying in them every once and again. And oh, who am I kidding, I miss yummy the cakes as well! πŸ˜€

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