Good Night Morning!

April 13, 2010

For those of you that keep asking:

Good night morning = when you wake up in the middle of the night thinking that its morning when its really not, this is what you say to some other genius that’s also awake. I say it all the time. It sounds cute. I loved it when sister # 6 said it. Imagine an 8 year old making this pretend cute face and saying, ” Good night morning Apa”….cute only for the 0.3 seconds that you’ve forgotten that she’s the devil.

Oh speaking of devil, now whenever I do or say something to the siblings I always remind them that Apa ( me) is a witch. Before whenever I’d tell them to do something, they would always tell me how mean I am, like I already didn’t know. I do know kids. I do. Like yesterday sister # 4  was telling me that she got an A in one of her classes and that she though this called for a treat. I was like, ” I don’t get it? why? Did you go to Iraq for me fight in the war and get this A? I don’t think so…..” Her response:  ” I think i deserve something, Apa that’s no fair…”

me: ” apa’s a witch. She know and you’re not getting anything. We just went out for our weekly sibling hangout.”

Anyhow, enough of them. Its raining! yay! After 7-10 days! Exciting! The rain really motivated me to get a lot of work done. btw here’s the conversation M and I had yesterday, that totally made my day:

4:59 PM M: i feel like napping but i have class in 30 min

me: don’t do it. there are so many black cars and security vehicles in the city today. i can’t wait to sit in one of them some day.

M: haha iA, when u are an ambassador or something

Me: yeah when i’m the ambassador to syria.

Me: blarggggg. i think i zoned out for a min. there. i think that if i don’t do well on these last finals, i’m going to cry all summer. after my parents hang up upside down a tree and stone me, or get my siblings to stone me b/c they’re smarter than I.

M: u have a really imaginative mind. …plus violent may i add.

Me: thanks^2.

ok. I’m not going to copy paste anymore and waste my time b/c apparently gchat won’t let you copy paste the whole conversation all at once. but I’m sure you get the idea.

And on a side note, that stupid arabic video will be done tonight! TONIGHT! It’s giving me nightmares. i kid you not.


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