quick Sunday evening post.

April 12, 2010

symptoms of migranes:

1) cold hands and feet

2) headache for more than 48 hours

3) irritability

4) blurred vision

yeah ok. I have them all. I’ve had this migraine for 3 days now ( since Friday). It will literally be the death of me. We  ( the siblings and I ) went to Shilla’s bakery today. I was suppose to make my video there but it didn’t work as in all the videos that were made it seemed like I was reading off something and not looking at the camera ( which I was) and there was too much noise there as people were coming in after church and the place started getting packed. I have 50 vocab words to memorize for the arabic quiz tomorrow….

words i’ve memorized thus far = 0

I really like Shilla's bakery. Its so pretty. every 20 year old's back up dream if they fail at life---- to open up a coffee shop. enough said, that's what M and I will do. far far away from where here, where no one will know us.

frozen yogurt ice cream. that's exactly what it was. I did not like it. Should have gotten bubble tea like everyone else.


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