End of the new day

April 10, 2010

Hello virtual world. It’s Saturday again. Last night M called after I got back from Quran Class and told me to wake her up bright and early when I would read Fajr prayers. She wanted to pray and start working. I promised her I would and immediately went to be so I could wake up the next morning. Then when I finally got up at 5:00 I prayed and gave her a call. No response. I waited a little…still no response the second time. We had also promised to go running together. Together, as in she would go running where she was [ 4 hours away on campus] and I at home but we would talk on the phone and just the fact that we were doing the same thing at the same time – implies that it was together. After several attempts of calling her though, she wasn’t picking up. So I waited and I couldn’t go running at 5am b/c it was still dark outside. I ended up falling asleep myself and woke up at 9:30. which is late….

Oh I forgot to mention, I couldn’t present in Quran class again yesterday. My sister’s presentation was so long and the teacher had to discuss something. And then there was this girl there who was telling us how this guy in her school says that he feels sorry for because she’s muslim…… and I was like,

” so what did you say?”

” nothing. i ignored him.”

” well, what would you say…”

” I don’t know…” with a face.

” how about next time, ” well, I feel sorry for you for being born a man because men are stupid?”

” yeah. ok”

why am i writing all this? Because you when people tell you about these random instances in your life and you’re expecting them to tell you how they overcame their cowardliness, they tell you that something said something against their principles and so they  took out their weapon ( whatever that may be) looked the person in the eye, said something poetic or intelligent and dun dun dun….. put the person behind bars or changed their life?

but then they disappoint you when you don’t hear key words like, ” took off my shoe” ” was recording the conversation to put  youtube to let the world know….” etc.

well, this was one of those moments. Why the heck didn’t she say anything to him? She’s just encouraged him to say that to more muslim girls now. These people make me so angry. I think i actually pity them because they’re so ignorant. This is just of on the many reasons I can’t wait to become dictator.

Ok back to today. So then when i did get up at 9:30 i wanted to immediately start cleaning and go running. I spent 20 mins looking for my running clothes and no one told me where they were. Then i find out that my mother was cleaning my closet the other day and she put them in her car to give away. That was upsetting. Going to the car in the cold was fine but I don’t let anyone touch my things. NO ONE! And then after spending 10 more mins looking for them i finally put them on but then it seemed like it was too late to go running so I decided to stay in and clean. After spending 2 hours cleaning the whole house I did yoga on the wii fit.

The end to almost the whole day. Then around 5ish after i was done with everything. I sat down to do some homework and that is what i’m doing now. Oh, and I ended up calling M. She said she woke up at 11am. Something I could never do. I hate sleeping during the day. That’s why we have the night people. Oh, and I saw a camel the other day when I was cloud watching. Since its nice out I might go star gazing but for that I need to finish all my work asap. arabic arabic arabic….i love thee but the prof. gave so much homework, a presentation, exercises, quiz on 2 chapters….. oh and did I mention  I also have to start studying for finals? AND do the laundry? but laundry is last on the list, b/c i just can’t put up with all this. not now. I’ve had this headache for 3 days now. Its awful. Yesterday when I was coming home from the metro I thought I was going to pass out. And then the other day on campus I was in the library and had gone to the Musallah to pray and on my way back to the library I totally hallucinated.  I kid you not. I saw stars, literally and then colorful glitter. I remember the colors red and orange then when i tried to catch the ” glitter” I couldn’t. It was sad… but thank God no one saw me.

Happy stressful Saturday.


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