Just a little more to go…and this can’t be happening now.

April 5, 2010

So remember yesterday I said that I had only about a month to go of school and that i was going to try to work super hard? well, just approx. 3 hours ago, i became completely de-motivated. completely! I don’t want to do econ notes, or study more for arabic. And I have to wait till I get home to study for chem and calc. What in the world is wrong with me? Is the sun depressing me too much? Or is it i’m not getting enough of it? I am sitting in the dark and quiet library. I say this calls for a motivation party. I’ve never had one before so I really dont’ know how i will possibly carry this out. Maybe a little yogurt ice cream and some talking with the siblings will help. which just makes you think that i’m a total loser now and the only people that will talk to me are my own blood. I think my problem is that i worry too much about the future than the present. Actually, now that I think about it, its totally true. My high school quote for the year book was in fact, ” today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday…” sadddddd. and another one was, ” you can do anything because you’re a superstar!” I didn’t put that one in, my friend in the yearbook staff who was also my german buddy for 3 years Stephanie wrote that one in because I jokingly said it to her once and she absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to finish this semester. I have good grades now so i just want it to end….but i have to hang in a little more….like the last leaf the one on ¬†the tree near your house during the fall. [ lame analogy but its just to carry across my point that i’m not feeling too well right now]. but after writing it all down, i’m slightly motivated to get back to work.


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