so much drama

April 4, 2010

I finally got my laptop back. Thank God! But they said they didn’t find anything wrong with it. So i don’t understand why they kept it for a whole week with them. The geek squad over the past few week has given me a lot of trouble. First I called them to ask about my computer and they said I could come pick it up the next day. When my mom went to go get it the next day, the guy there said he couldn’t find it. Then i called them again and again on friday my mom went to go get it and they said to come pick it up on monday. Then finally on saturyday they called me again and said i could come get it and that the lady had it in front of her.

Anyhow, on friday sister #6 made one of our other birds fly away. One she killed and another she had run away. So today my brother and father went to get another bird for the lonely one left….. Romeo.

They both thought he was lonely but my mother and I felt that he was happier than before. The other two girls always fought over him. So they go today and pick up another bird. Everyone wants to name her Elizabeth and change Romeo’s name to Darcy Romeo. I didn’t see why he had to change his name just because he had a new bird in his life. But everyone wanted to change his name. And i think that there’s tension in the cage. Romeo keeps fixing his fur and the girl won’t even give him some grass. ( its a desi expression i had to translate so it sounds strange in english). we’ll see what happens to them tomorrow.

In the meantime, today is easter and some preachers came to our house, only to find my father arguing and explaining to them about islam for like 2 hours. I had seen them walking around so i took out a book from our islam bookshelf and told my brother to give it to them.

Well, that is all for now, since i just found out that i have less what a month to study for finals. Two finals a day, and then i’m done.


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    so sech

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