OMG! I might finally get somewhere….

March 22, 2010

OK. I said that too dramatically.

So spring break is over and I’m back in my second home….the library. I was suppose to have 3 exams this week but now its only 2 b/c chem got moved to monday. Thank GOD. I’m so relived. I took a sign of relief when i found out this morning. BUT, this means I have to study super hard for arabic now b/c now there are no excuses.

Anyhow, while I was waiting for my chem class I was trying to do arabic notes when  this story that had been running in my head for a few days now hit me. I had my laptop so what was I waiting for. I once asked a professional writer what I should do, b/c I love writing but I have a tendency to start big. Its bad I know. So he told me to start small and try to write a short story everyday and not a novel and not to run around the bush but just get right to the points. Like, if I’m thinking about something dramatic, don’t start off with ” once upon a time blah blah blah…” just get to ” then she hit into a car…” btw, that’s not a line in my story.

So i started am i really like the story line so far. I’ll post snippets up or maybe the whole thing if I can get it down.

TCHAU! till then.


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