When there’s nothing to do….we fight for fun.

March 17, 2010

Mother and I are arguing why some people can do their homework on their bed or couch while other ( i.e. me) need a desk and chair to focus. By the way she made the best lunch ever. Fish with lentil soup and rice. YUM! Its 12:15, I’ve prayed and still awake to finish my work. Only difference from yesterday is that I’m sitting in bed. Not such a good idea but oh well. It was around 11:45 and my dad told me to go to bed while I was sitting downstairs. Me in my head, ” you want me to do well in school and terrify me about the mcat and future but you want me to go to bed right now???” This talk to myself reminded me of time when someone said to me, ” you’re desi right? so what are you doing in a pre-med class. Don’t your parents give you everything you want and want you to get married to a rich person and live happily ever after?” Me: “umm….. what desi novelist do you happen to be reading, b/c they’re putting a lot of fantasy in your heard….” I think if I didn’t go to school, my parents would hang me upside down a tree and make me eat leaves and tell everyone to throw food at me whenever they passed by. Anyways, as promised, I’m going to be putting up a lot of pictures during spring break. Here are some related to studying during break.

we ( the sibs and I ) love eating peppermint bark from trader joes. Its something we all do together after dinner while we do homework.

There's never a feeling of sadness when the bark is gone because I love thinking of creative ways to use the box. I've used this to place all my sharpie pens. Underneath are my arabic and econ flashcards.

this is my schedule for the week of break. including lists and what to do when. lots and lots of lists.

Did i mention i love making list. and then I put them everywhere. even on my drinks so i keep looking at them to know what to do next.


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