Three days down and still haven’t finished as much.

March 15, 2010

I spent all day yesterday cleaning! spring cleaning. washed all the sheets for everyone, put up new sheets in my room. clean clean clean. At least everything is nice now. And today I spent all day doing the laundry. Now I’m talking to M. My arm is about to fall off. literally. Because i’ve been doing so much. cooking, hw and some more laundry. And then my brother freaked me out today and I was about to have a heart attack. He hid in the closet downstairs in the dark and scared me as I came in. Mind you, I’m already of being alone and the dark. I’m not talking to him. Yesterday he was talking rudely to me and I finally forgave him when he touched my feet b/c he wouldn’t stop but now….this was the last straw. I watched White collar with the sibs last night. EPIC! It was the season finale. And it was so shocking. The after the show we spent like 2 hours talking about the ending and why people say that gay people have ” come out of the closet”. Why don’t they use other hiding places. like the cupboard, or the drawer. Gay people aren’t that fat that they need to hide in the closet…. right? Isn’t it offensive to them?

Oh well, I can’t say anymore, I don’t know. Then I started talking to my bff since….forever N and we talked about…. the obvious…. White collar and she’s just started watching lost so she was really excited about that. Oh, did I mention that I love writing quotes that I really want to remember in one of my notebooks I got from the sibs one year. I love to write anyhow but I always have this notebook with me to write down moments and words to remember. So I wrote some from white collar last night, one I remember right now is, ” We all love the feeling of freedom when we escape even if its from the frying pan to the fire….”

Ok. I will go do some chem labs now. I’ve ranted enough about white collar.


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