Dear Coffee, You complete me.

March 15, 2010

seriously. Whenever I think I’m about to pass out without checking at least 5 things on my list I run for some coffee. But now that I’m on break I really need it to study. I made stir fry again last night and some aloo pakora this afternoon for lunch. And it was all so heavy and I wanted to sleep but I ran and made myself a pot of coffee. Today sister # 2 and #3 were home. ( the oldest three were home, including me). We we ended up having unusual talks with my mom. Most of them I don’t remember but I do remember that at some point she was like, ” i’m so glad I have kids…when i was sick I kept praying to God that everyone in the world be blessed with kids….,” and to add some comic relief  I say, ” wait, mom. what if someone doesn’t want kids ( i.e. hates kids), basically you just cursed them and now they know who to blame when they accidentally have kids….” Not the best things to say….i know. And then to make things worse I told my sister that the house we have in Pakistan ( which by the way non of us planning on living in, so i don’t know why my father spent so much money making it, the thing is huge), i told her that I was going to turn in into an orphanage and let her live there. Again, not the best things to say. But then we did a lot of laughing. And at the end of the conversation somewhere, my mother told me that I was going to be a bad daughter-in-law because I like to keep everything clean. My response, ” uhhhhh…… i don’t want a mother-in-law”. Anyhow, sister # 3 is making turkey sounds. This afternoon we were talking about how there were so many muslims in Europe and I told her that a friend of mine went to Italy and she said that there a lot of muslims in Italy and whenever she sees me she says, this is how your italian husband is going to ring our bell one day and tell dad that he wants to marry you and then she tries to put on this italian accent. And its so lame. She def. on something and I’m going to find out what.

And since we’re on the topic of me. I’ve realized that I’m going to be bad parents.

Evidence of this:  Whenever sister #6 ( 8 years old)  doesn’t listen to me, my threat to her, ” S, I’m going to slit your throat:

exhibit 2: me to my brother, ” A, I’m going to rip out your voice box and throw it away if I hear you again.” and trust me I say these things in the nicest way possible.

ok too much going on now. so my presence is required.


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