March 11, 2010

Here are all the pictures I’ve been meaning to put up. BTW spring break officially starts and I had a long talk with M this afternoon my way home. We caught up so much. I told her I’d take her out to Shilla’s- a korean cafe near our house. BUT instead she wants to get friendship piercings ( i.e. we both get a second ear piercing at the same place on our ears and wear the same studs) cool idea BUT my dad would never let me. Did I ever tell you the time when………no I didn’t. So when i was about 1 year old my mom went and got my ears pierced and when my dad came home that night he got so upset that she took the studs out of my ears and threw them in the trash and forbid my mother from getting my ears pierced. Then my ears closed and she wasn’t going to listen to him right? So when we went to Pakistan she told his mother and then eventually I got my ears pierced again and have been wearing earings since. My grandmother ( mom’s mom) had like 8 piercings in one ear and all the studs were exactly the same. it looked so cool. Imagine 8 small golden dots running along the sides of her ears. SO COOOOOOLLLLL! She was the coolest old lady ever. I think my mom still has her studs and I’m def. going to be wearing them when I’m an old lady.

Snow days in the Washington-VA area. This is why I had a week off of school.

NINGAS! these are my edible ( egg) ninjas, for when I made asian food.

This in my stir fry. I don't know why I took such an up close and personal picture.



  1. I was hungry when I entered your blog, and now I’m STARVING.

    I’m glad to hear you’ve made up with M! Friendship piercings might be tricky to get without your parents’ consent, but why not just buy same earrings/necklaces/etc. I know that the idea is not that unique, but you could check out (for example) and shop for jewellery which in itself would be unique(ly handmade).

    I’m off to the kitchen now, and I’d better find something nice to eat, or I shall do something drastic…

    • lifeanddramaofhandm Says:

      Thanks! I know I’m glad too. Now I talk to her all the time again. yay!
      I hope you got something to eat fast. I’ve been hungry all day and no time to eat. I’m home now and its raining ( which I love) so I’m going to clean, eat and do some hardcore homework.

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