Almost there……

March 10, 2010

Ok. I have one more calc. problem left. ONE MORE. and arabic quiz is done. I turned in the quiz 5 mins after I got it and then two hours later I realized that I use the wrong wrong to negate a sentence. Ahhhh….i hate this. I just checked my grade and got a 98% on it. blahhhhh…… oh well its over now. One more day people. and then I’m free for a week. I just have to make it till 12pm tomorrow. Then i’m going to help mother paint my brother’s room, clean, and then go to the internship on Friday ( even though i don’t want to because I have to study). But I’m going to be tested on Friday to see if I can start my own project soon. It should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes. If I don’t pass, then its back to training, which I don’t want. So anyhow, after I finished with calc. and arabic hw I was reading the news and came across this article.,0

You must read it. While I was reading it, it sounded like a script from a western movie or something.

Oh… and I came up with a quote last night, ” I was born in the wrong ear just to be with you….” I don’t know how I came up with it and it sounds lame but I just wanted to share.

I promise I will write more interesting posts when I’m actually on break.


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