March 9, 2010

Stuck in the library doing hw. Working on the same calc. problem for more than 1 hour, wasted too much paper to solve the problem so out of paper now, still not giving up moving to next problem and going to finish the calc. homework soon. One more problem to go. Will go home at night and send hw to prof. This people is what i’m doing this Tuesday afternoon while its 63 degrees F outside. Oh, and i’m wearing a sweater. But don’t worry its not that hot in the library so i’m fine and I wore just the right shirt in case I have to take my sweater off. M is on break and I haven’t heard from her at all. Technically, its not break its 6 days of studying for the upcoming finals. I can’t wait for it to be Thursday. CANNOT WAIT! you won’t believe how many things I’ve added to my list to do while on break and non of them are fun. This coming Sat. I’m planning on spending the day with M. I hope its nice out then. I really want to play tennis with her.

Ok. the above comments were made 2 hours ago and i have been doing the same calc. problem for the last almost 2 hours. So i was taking a break and I came across this:


Its an article about how torture is bad and ineffective and how all this is scientifically proven. Like we didn’t know that already. But my most fav. comments made under the article by a reader was, ” well that’s why we interrogate so many people so we can cross check the things they say….” ahhhhhh…. the epitome of sad and ignorant. I usually don’t talk politics on my blog because I think there are so many other places to do that and if I get started then I probably won’t stop. But I just thought I should share this. I am so freaking tired. Not the tired where I want to sleep. The tired where I want to punch the calc. problem and get the freaking answer and then jump up in delight in the library. I’m that desperate to figure this out.

And i just read that Michelle Obama will speak on graduation at out school. Not that exciting b/c I won’t be graduating and hence not attending graduation but still super because several of my friends are graduating….which makes more stressed about my future so I shall get back to that problem.


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