I’m feeling under the weather because the sun is out.

March 8, 2010

This weekend was bad. Bad for many reasons. The cousins came over yes and they didn’t let me sleep and then it was so freaking hot out yesterday. It was like 59 degrees. Its nice out again. Now its 45 degrees F. I don’t like warm weather. Did i ever mention that? I mean yes I like spring and Fall but that’s about it. I don’t want summer to come. I wonder how hot it gets in Germany since I’ll be there for a month. And I got an arabic quiz back today and i totally understood this grammer thing wrong when she was explaining it so i got that whole section wrong. 17/20. grrrrr. not full marks. And then it took me forever to find a cubicle in the library and I’m wearing an awful shirt. Actually its a sweater and its making me hot. And oh, to make things even worse, I couldn’t finish doing to laundry last night so this morning I had nothing to wear and these clothes make me feel uber fat. ok i have to stop with tangents now because I have calc. hw calling my name.


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