Sometimes its just not meant to be….

March 7, 2010

So i was suppose to go to a hangout today where I would see M, after so many months right? Well, guess what? I ain’t going. Yesterday my cousins came over….. all 4 of them. And then you can just predict the disaster. The eldest one is 7 and youngest is 1 1/2. I love them, I really do but they are way too out of hand. The youngest one the ( 1 year old) took my cell phone and sent blank text messages to everyone on my phone. I have some explaining to do to these people tomorrow. I spent almost all day cleaning yesterday and when they leave no I’ll probably have to clean again. Its like a jungle here. I feel so bad that I can’t see M again. I will for sure have to do something next weekend…for sure. Spring break starts next week and I promised my mom I’d help her paint my brother’s room and now I just have to do this twice as fast. We couldn’t even watch white collar this weekend. And now we have to wait till next weekend. I’m so sad. Thank God I don’t have any hw due tomorrow. wait……i do. arabic. calc. is due thursday. I wish they were more civilized. Just now a few hours ago some family friends came over and their kids are so well behaved. And the mom kept offering to wash the dishes for my sister. I really like people like Of course my sister didn’t let her but the fact that she offered and was so nice. Her kids are also well behaved. They’re quiet and don’t run around screaming like the cousins. But I love them, they’re family. Now I don’t know how I will tackle the immense cleaning and laundry. Which by the way I was going to do last night but my mom goes, ” no no….do it tomorrow…” ‘I really don’t like it when people tell me to put things off, cause I’m just like, ” Well, its not like you’re going to help me even if I do do it tomorrow or now and I hate putting things off…” And then just now I told her that I’d clean after everyone left and she goes like, ”  no no don’t do that…” And I think to myself, ” uhhhh….. the floor is sticky, there’s food in the family room, trasheverywhere….you gave the kids bad candy that they just spit everywhere…. are you really going to wait till saturday ( 7 days) for me to clean again?” I don’t think so virtual world.

uhhhhh….. i will think about all the fun I will be missing. I didn’t even tell the friend that I wasn’t coming because I don’t have her new cell phone number.

No to do some hw so I can clean later.


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