Tuesday Tales

March 3, 2010

So M is talking to me again. I think I mentioned that already. So far the week has been pretty boring except that I had some korean bread last night and I did most of the work on my list today. I spent my time so well today. I finished almost everything. And I just had some coffee and so when I go home I will work super hard because I don’t want to have extra anxiety tomorrow. Do you know what I’m talking about? When you have so much to do and you put it off till the last minute and then when the last minute comes you’re so busy freaking out that you don’t finish the work. Those moments make me gag. I really can’t wait for this week to be over. I have the internship on friday and then the “test” in quran class, which by the way i’m studying for and not putting off till Friday. You know how we think that spring break is a time to relax? well, i have exams in each class the day we get back. I’m not complaining. I have more time to study and then I can get a lot of work done over break. Its not like I’m going anywhere. Oh, and its raining! yay! I think its going to snow later tonight as well. But it’s not going to be much. Since I have nothing interesting to say I will end it here with one last thing. I think sister # 3 isn’t talking to me. She blocked me from gchat. She’s usually does that when she’s mad and wants me to know. But honestly, I could care less because she’s mad that I’m honest about the fact that she doesn’t do her chores correctly and apparently her and the other sister believe that they need their own personal bodyguards to remind them what they have to do and that they need to eat. Its pathetic. So, i will notify you all when she does add me back but in the mean time I’ll pretend not to notice. Ok since we’re talking about people who think that they’re the busiest people on this earth and need personalized supervision and a babysitter what are your thoughts on this? I mean honestly I don’t remember a time when my mother had to ask me twice to do something. And if she ever did say something twice it was because 1) i didn’t hear her or 2) I didn’t understand her. I mean mothers are so important. This reminds me of the time that this Sahaba ( caompanion of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), had so much respect and love for his mother that if she said something to him once and he didn’t hear or understand her he would go to his wife and ask her what his mother told him to do because he thought that it would be bothersome to her to repeat herself. I pray that we all including myself become like him one day InshAllah.

ok i have to pack my 30 pound bag now and go home.


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