Where’s the rain?

February 28, 2010

When I wake up everyday I have to look out the window. Its a daily routine and then to figure out if its cold outside or what kind clothes I should wear, I just put my hand on the window. Its its not too cold then a sweater, its its colder than a jacket under my coat, but I’m mostly a sweater person. Not the itcy kind kind that make you look like an umpa lumpa. I really like light button down sweaters. Enough clothes talk. This post wasn’t suppose to be about my wardrobe. So i look out the window today and it was so cloudy. Did that depress me? No way! I was really excited because I thought that it was going to rain. I absolutely love rain and I hate the sun. You know how some people will make it a point to walk on the side walk in such a way that they are right under the sun? Well, that’s not me. So after breakfast I came down and checked the weather to see if it was really going to rain, and to my disappointment it was just going to be windy all day. So, i’m sitting here now doing some homework. I was going to make stir fry but idk if i’m still going to. M still hasn’t replied or returned any of my calls. I’m thinking of now calling her house and telling her mom to force her to call me. Her mom will listen to me, she likes me. But i’m really worried now. M isn’t on gchat anymore and nor did she call me back after i called her so many times. Is she mad or busy with exams? This just means I have to do something major for her when she comes.

Friday we went to Quran class as usual. I took the day off from my internship because I was feeling under the weather and I took advantage of the time and cleaned and did my chores. Then yesterday we went to a halaqa, its at one of my friend’s house and I love her mom. She is the nicest person I have ever met MashAllah. I really want to be like her. No matter how much I praise her its not enough.  I have so many quran class and halaqa notebook and I love talking notes and writing things down. Its amazing how well i remember the things I wrote and months and years later when I look back then it feels so nice. I learned a lot of things yesterday. So then I told one of my friends there who knows both M and I that M is mad at me. She laughed because this is not like us, to be putting the silent treatment on each other. And then she told me that she was having a hangout at her place next week and that she invited M and her sister so they were going to come. And I was like, ” yay! I get to see M!” And then someone else came up to us while we were talking and this friend also invited her to the hangout and I go like, ” A , if you come to the hangout only then will I show up, if you don’t then i won’t come either….” And the girl was like, ” awwww, you’re so sweet.”

I don’t think i’m very sweet, b/c then all the girls the friend told about the party I said the same line to and then eventually when we were all together they were all like, ” HEY! you said the same thing to me….” And I couldn’t stop laughing and I was like, ” well, I wanted to make all of you feel important.”

Ahhhh good times. Then when i came home there was a lady waiting for and and while we were at the halaqa i had gotten 7 missed calls from home. I had actually made an appt. with this lady that works for a make-up company for a facial. She does the facial and then tell you about the products she’s selling. So we all got our facials done and its was amazing and relaxing. And then I made an appt. for eye make-up. I really liked the moisturizer she had me put on. It was a tinted moisturizer and really nice. It didn’t even look like I had something on my face. ok, now I shall go pray and finish some econ. homework.


One Response to “Where’s the rain?”

  1. Neelam Says:

    I hope you sort out whatever it is that’s happened with your friend 🙂

    oo I facial, that’s nie and relaxing.. I think it’s about time I booked one for myself also mmm x

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