February 25, 2010

Ok So I’m finally done with exams. Arabic and calc. Arabic was on monday and i got my grade back which ended up being a 90/100. Such a disappointment. It was stupid mistakes I tell you. She asked me in front of the class why I didn’t get full marks and I was like, ” uhhhhhh….i don’t know….” Oh and now the whole class knows I didn’t get a 100. Calc. was toda stressssssssfullllll. I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough time. My prof. didn’t show up and there was someone else in the room proctoring the exam and when there was one minute left he told us and there’s no clock in the room. idk idk idk. I’m sure I made a bunch of stupid mistakes. very stupid i tell you. I’m going to be nervous the whole weekend and eager to find out my grade.

Oh, and to make things worse, I had done a chem lab and I the answer one line below where it was suppose to go and she took off 2 points. TWO points! Don’t you hate it when that happens? I makes me feel like, ” oh you’re good but not good enough.” OR maybe I just don’t have what it takes. Ok, that’s it. I don’t have whatever……..

Now to make things worse ^3……. M and I haven’t spoken all week! I def. think she’s mad because I didn’t hang out with her when she was home and needed to study for the arabic exam. Which might explain why i didn’t get a 100 on it…..hmmmmm. I’m going to write her a letter later soon. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Dear M,

I know its been a while. I know you’re mad at me for not coming over and watching movies with you and for that I’m really sorry. I was having exams and what not. I will somehow make it up to you. But I really think you should start talking to me again or atleast get back on gchat and communicate with me via your gchat status…. and not that’s not direct communication. Or maybe we can just put the whole thing behind us. You know how much anxiety I get when we don’t talk and when I don’t phone stalk you and call you 14 times in a single hour. You can’t end it here. Its an incomplete ending…..i’m trying to be poetic, but its not working. Ok, so to make it up to you, I will be your slave  take you to Shilla’s when you come home again. If that’s not good enough, then you think of something.

PS: I need to tell you something but I have to figure out how to make the story more exciting, so call me will ya?

Ok so its exactly what I’m going to send her and let you all know what her reaction is. teheheheheehe.


3 Responses to “DONE…………”

  1. Aww, I hope M. is in good mood and accepts your letter. If my friend wrote me such a letter, I’d definitely forgive her, no matter the sin she’d had committed against me 😀

    Good luck!

    (An hey, 90/100 is not bad either, so cheer up – next time you’ll surely get full marks!)

    • lifeanddramaofhandm Says:

      Thanks. A 90 would have been good but this is arabic. I’m such a language person so its disappointing.
      M still hasn’t replied. idk what she’s thinking. We’ve never actually fought before so this is a strange phase in our relationship. Its so funny because we act like we’re a married couple or something. lol. I def. going to call her tonight.

      • Yeah, in that case I do understand you. Getting “just” good grades in a subject you’d definitely want to get a perfect grade can be really… well, it sucks. I just got to know that I got from my plant physiology exam a 4/5 (that’s how ours are graded), even though it’s my favourite subject and all. I realize that it is a good grade, but a 5/5 would’ve meant so much more to me…

        But yaAllah, no can do.

        Insha Allah you will get full marks the next time, and the time after that, too! And again, good luck with begging for forgiveness. I’m rooting for you! 😀

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