In the morning…..

February 22, 2010

I don’t know exactly how this conversation started in arabic class which by the way is at 9:00 in the morning. Oh…ok I know. This girl started talking about her work at the saudi embassy. So she starts telling about her job and what she does. Basically she said that no one in the embassy really works. But then she also said that when she first started working she would smile at everyone and the guards and people in the embassy ( mostly guys) would start approaching her and talking to her. And then my teacher was like, ” Have you guys ever noticed arab girls that look really proud and don’te really smile?” And everyone in the room was like, ” yeah yeah yeah….” And then she says, ” yeah. they or we were raised that way. Because in Jordan and other arab countries girls don’t smile at guys  and they give them serious looks, because in arab countries if you smile at a guy, its not considered good and gives the guy bad ideas….” And I in the back of the room was like, ” Yeah yeah…..” even though I’m not arab and I’m asian. Anyhow, and then this girl goes like, “Yeah its like that in France too. When a girl smiles at a guy in France it means she wants to date her…”  And I thought to myself, ” thanks for the notice, now I’ll know not to smile when i go to Germany and maybe France.”

But I mean the whole conversation in class I could totally relate to. This whole time I thought I was a mean person but now I know that I was just raised that way. Giving guys mean looks and not smiling at them or any random person on the street is so natural for me. I think i’ve cut it down a little since I’ve entered college but I still do it. My mother was ans still is always like, ” don’t look at anyone or talk to them…” I think I’ve listened to her pretty well. No wonder I don’t have many friends. M  is the only one and that may  have something to do with the fact that she’s not much of a talker either. I still remember the first day that we met. It was 9th grade english class. I came to class early and I saw this hijabi walk in the classroom. I think I was hoping that she sit next to me because I didn’t really know anyone in the class. And guess what? She did. Ok, what next……


And then I wanted to start a conversation, but I really didn’t know what to say so I said, ” Hey, I’m humie….” I stopped right there. Thank God I wasn’t stupid enough to say, ” i’m humie, wanna be friends?” That would have been the end of a friendship that would have never started. But she never responded. IDK if she did. M!!! Did you respond?

So then I kept seeing her in class and then one day i saw her at her locker outside of class and then we started talking and we’ve been friends since.

Although she’s mad at me right now because she was home for the weekend and wanted me to come over but I had to study and do some chores. She called me saturday night and told me to come over and watch a movie but I couldn’t, even if I wanted to. I had to study for my arabic exam.


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