I’m about to explode but I’m still looking at food

February 21, 2010

I had a very heavy lunch and I’d love to have a nap right now, or maybe some Red bull to keep me awake to study for my arabic exam. I had some roti and then my mother as always made us a smoothie. But the reason I’m look at pictures of food from foodgawker.com is because I want something sweet right now. Again today I was disappointed with my sister. Whenever my mom makes a milkshake or smoothie she always has to put some back, refuse to drink it and basically act up with it. She also repeats the whole thing with food. Those kind of people make me really upset. I mean just having food on the table is such a blessing and this is how you act to show your gratefulness to God? I really can’t put up with it. If I was my mom I think that I would have probably not served her food ever again. While we were eating I told her and everyone else that during the recent earthquake in Haiti a woman had to drink toilet water for so many days just to stay alive and the earth quake could have happened any where in the world. We don’t know why it happened it Haiti, the country was already poor and I doubt the the children in the country showed such ungratefulness when it came to what they ate. And clean drinking water, what a great blessing that is for us as well. Then same sister tends to waste a lot of water, but if we have access to so much water it doesn’t mean we waste it, this is just another test for us to see what we do with the water we have. Especially when doing wudu, people waste so much water. I admit I use to do the same. I never leave the water on when I’m brushing my teeth but when i use to wash my feet i would leave the water on while switching between one foot and the other but now i’ve stopped doing that. I think that most muslims don’t even know that for every drop of water that we waste we will be held accountable for, and not just water but everything else as well.

Anyhow, that was my rant on wasting. We went to quran class the other day and it was really fun. There weren’t that many people there and I did a little thing on manners of speech and it looked like everyone liked it. Then after it was over we all had a little snack with tea and I really don’t know how but the topic of discussion went from doing housework to our teacher hating cooking. And then she told us her life story about how she didn’t know and hated doing housework and cooking when she got married. It was a really funny story and I saw her so differently. I love the way she teaches and then we get to learn about how she when she was young. She’s almost like a second mother to all of us. My mom didn’t come with us that day, so she kept telling us to sit comfortably so we don’t get tired and was just really nice. She told us that when her mother was looking for someone to marry her she would make sure that the boy didn’t have a lot of siblings and that she didn’t have to cook a lot. It was so funny the way she described her mom. And then she finally had a proposal for this guy ( who is her husband now) who didn’t have any parents, siblings or anything and her mom thought that she was the perfect person to marry her daughter to. lol. then during the first few months or so of marriage she didn’t cook at all and her husband would take her out to eat. She says that she’s probably been to every resturant in Lahore, pakistan.  Then……one day her mother found out. And when she did she cam to her daughter’s house and told her son-in-law that he will never take her out to eat again and when she came she brought all these kitchen supplies. My teacher was furious! She told her mother that no mother in the world was a cruel as her and she couldn’t stop crying. But then she says that she finally started to learn how to cook and did it every now and then.

She was telling my sisters and I that we’re so lucky that our mother is teaching us to do housework related things like cooking ( which i semi-hate) and cleaning ( i love but b/c I’m ocd). And i was like, ” nahh…. mom didn’t know anything when she married dad….he had to cook for the first few years when they got married and then he taught her and dad still cooks now and then…” And my teacher started laughing and was like, ” oh yeah, she was the only girl in her family too….she was spoiled like the rest of us…” yes rest of us, because apparently all the mom in quran class were spoiled and hated cooking. Ahhhhh…… the joy of quran class right?


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