Sometimes I just don’t get it.

February 18, 2010

So today I called my mom after chem lab. She picked up the phone and sounded pretty mad which for her is usual. Its when she’s talking nicely that I freak out. So I call her and ask her if she can call someone from our Quran class ( religion class)  and ask them if there is class tomorrow. Here is what she says to me right away, ” Why don’t you and your sister just take your beds to school too and no i can’t call. I’m not going to call anyone.”

I was shocked to hear this and then I was like, ” fine if you’re not going to call just give me the number and I will.” After hearing that she finally agreed to call and then she told me later.

Do you feel sometimes that there are people you know for almost your whole life but for some reason you still don’t get them? Well, its kinda like that with my mother. I just don’t get her. AT ALL. It might have something to do with her hot flashes and mood swings but I have yet to find out. Now i must eat something and study. I haven’t eating since like 7 this morning.

Ok I’m adding more on this post because I wanted to talk about this before but forgot to write it……

So today at school there’s a halaqa called,  ” finding Mr./Ms. Right”…. ok before you start to wonder whether I went or not or if I can tell you what I learned…. let me just say that I didn’t go. I wasn’t going to. Honestly, I don’t want to hear about how to find my Mr. Right. In fact I’m not really interested in finding him. Its kinda like, when you were 5 and your parents taught you how to find your things  ( like crayons, hair pins, shoes etc.) but guess what? I never lost anything! Alhumdulillah. I was the kid that hoarded everything!  Literally. The only thing I remember ever losing was when I was around 7ish and my  mom took us to the park and I wanted to hold the house keys because even back then i didn’t trust anyone i guess and I lost them. Of course mother was angry but I spent all day looking for them even though my father had come open the house door for us. I refused to leave until I found them.

My mother still says that when I was young and someone couldn’t find anything, they always looked in my bag and it would be there. She says I had a thing with bags and wearing high heels back in the day. I still have a thing with bag but not so much with heels anymore. Even now, I know exactly where everything is in the house and whenever anyone needs anything or can’t find it they ask me. I’ve come to learn that its a gift and a curse.

Anyhow, back to the topic, Mr. right. So how does anyone know how to find them. I think the halaqa was because of valentine’s day and islamic views on valentines and marriage. Ok let me just say that if you want a lot of people to come to a halaqa you should have a topic around marriage, for some reason that attracts so many people. Anyhow, share your thoughts on valentines, your thoughts about finding Mr./Ms. right or anything!


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