February 17, 2010

I just came back to the library from finishing my chem exam. And then to get here on the 6th floor, I could have either waited 10 mins for the elevator or b. taken the stairs. I chose the latter. And i’m totally wiped. I used to be the kind to take the stairs for everything and don’t have a thing for elevators but today I was carrying my 10 pound backpack and my laptop case. There’s a reason I shy away from taking the elevator. I like to think that I’m claustrophobic, I think i’ve mentioned this before I won’t tell you my whole life story. When i gave the exam paper to the prof. I felt like I was giving my life away. I studied a lot for this exam and I hope it shows on my grade. Now, to finish labs and study for two more exams coming up next week! yay! I’m gonna get a head start now. I can’t believe the semester is already half way.


2 Responses to “Breathless”

  1. UmmOsman Says:

    Assalamo elikuim
    Recently discovered your blog and its pretty interesting and fun.
    As a mother, I would like to say that sometimes mothers are just exhausted and tierd of all the chores and responsibilities that they lash out (which is wrong but hey moms are human too :))
    But still being a mom, moms usually do what their husband/kids ask them to do even though they might be tierd and angry due to not being appreciated!


    • lifeanddramaofhandm Says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it! What you say is right. Moms are so important and they do always do what makes their kids happy. My mom was just a little upset that day i guess. My sisters put a prank on her, it was really funny. I’ll write about it soon.

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