Stop treating it like a Drug.

February 16, 2010

Aardvark is really useful…. all the time. So far every every question I’ve asked on aardvark has been answered. So the other day I asked what I should do to stay awake. And some genius told me to mix Red Bull and 5 Hour energy drink. And yesterday I had a Red Bull but it didn’t keep me up for much. I ended up going to bed at 1 am. So then today I told my brother to get me some more Red Bull and the 5 Hour energy drink because I was in the mood of being a lab rat. Him and my sister wanted to someone get ” High”. Let me remind you, they’re not drugs, they’re energy drinks people. So right now my brother just got back from the mall with my dad ( who i think is the best person to go the the mall with b/c he’ll buy you anything and everything) Its like extreme sabotage of cash. Very different from going with my mom. So he  comes into the room with the two drinks and him and my sister are getting excited like they’re looking at something so unique and out of this world, and they both want to drink it at 12:00 am. idk why they don’t need to stay up. So anyhow, I’ll let you guys know how it feels to have extreme energy. Till then……


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