NO No no….. that wasn’t me

February 16, 2010

So I’m sitting in the library right now and this just happened so i need some time to calm down.

So I come in and turn on my computer and usually, no always, the volume is on mute, right?

And then when i turned it on I hear the start up music so I think to myself, ” ok i’mm quickly mute when the start up screem comes. It does and i press the mute and….. wait no….. the sign doesn’t change to mute. I panic. and then before I know it, in the quiet library the sound of ” Bismillah…..” (  a religious phrase in arabic) fills the room. I try to cover up the built in speakers but no that didn’t help. And then my confidence and the fact that the week just started crashed everything. I had almost forgot that I had that in my computer and its very natural for me to hear that phrase as its been on my computer forever but i the quiet library when you only hear other people tying on their keyboards and turning paper……….

Everyone must be thinking that the muslim girl is making note of her presence…… yikes.

I did quickly press the power button but only when it was all over and then turned it on again and thank God it muted.

I think i will walk behind the book shelves when i get out of here. gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


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