Oh mother……

February 14, 2010

Today mother and I went for another round of grocery shopping. Its the only past time activity where we don’t argue, surprisingly. Otherwise, whenever we go to the mall we see to argue over pointless things and sometimes we’re both saying the exact same thing and we still fight. We’re completely different than most mother- daughters. Its usually the daughter that over spends and wants to buy the whole store but in our case that description fits my mother and I’m usually the one trying to stop her from buying a load of necessary crap. Ok, its not crap and its mostly things for the kids but trust me, the kids don’t need so much clothes and stuff.

So anyways, back to our grocery trip. So we went to Trader Joes for some things and the place smelled so nice. It was literally filled with roses. And even though we don’t do the whole valentie’s day thing, they looked really nice. I told her she could get some for dad but she refused. So as we were walking around we saw this gay couple getting things  and picking out roses and plants and here where this coversation led to:

mom: ” what bread should we get?”

me: ” mom, look they’re getting roses for eachother….”

mom: ” they’re not getting them for eachother. They must be getting them for their wives.”

me: ” mom, you should have said girlfriends. they def. don’t have wives, and mom…..they’re togehter….”

mom: ” ok fine girlfriends…”

me: ” mom, they’re getting them for eachother. they live together. just them two….”

mom: ” Is this why you come to the store…stop looking at people…”

And then we went into the car and drove to grandmart. Our trip there was a little subtle. We got things for me to make stir fry and i’m going to make a really cool bento. I’ll put up pictures of it if i can remember.


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